Drop on chain vermeil amethyst - Pluie

Drop on chain vermeil amethyst - Pluie


Pendant size: 3 / 2 cm Adjustable length: 44 cm - 46,5 cm

Vermeil - Gold – Amethyst

Weight: 2,2 g

Shiny and harmonious, the Pluie necklace combine the natural shine of its materials and the purity of its forms. It is adorned with drop of amethyst stone. 

Amethyst is a natural, transparent stone of a beautiful violet. In ancient Greek, its name means « to protect from drunkeness ».

As early as the Greek and the Roman Antiquity, objects and jewellery in plated silver can be found, preceding the creation of vermeil. Homer’s The Odyssey mentions techniques of folding and hammering.

With time, silver and gold tend to merge, silver’s paler glints blending with the warmer shine of gold.

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Run-off, transparency, iridescence.