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The creator


Since childhood, Magali has developed a taste for materials and craftsmanship by her seamstress grandmother who, in the spirit of play, used to give her old sheets from which to cut out dresses. When some baked cakes, they sewed, cut, mixed textures, adjusting proportions. From this heritage, Magali developed her imagination and her interest for materials.

A humanities passionate, Magali studied social anthropology, focusing on fashion, trends and their social representations. She specialized in the analysis of social and cultural movements, and in trend watch, and has worked for a few years in trend watching studios, for stylists and consulting firms.

On the side, Magali began to imagine her first jewels, starting with a cotton thread and fine stones. Then, she developed her technique in a studio in Montreuil, where she learned metalwork. She created her brand Magali Paris in 2013.


Jeux de lumières, reflets de matières.






«Once you have found something personal and unique, it must be fully exploited and continued without stopping and until the end. Likewise, one must perfect one's own technique and not let any detail escape or neglect.» Madame Grès