Necklace handcrafted triangle pattern vermeil - Parcours

Necklace handcrafted triangle pattern vermeil - Parcours


Height: 0,3 cm - Adjustable length: 40 cm – 42,5 cm

Vermeil - Gold

Weight: 6,5 g

The Parcours necklace is made from sterling silver wire, cut, hammered, shaped. Upon which is applied a 5 microns layer of gold, using a technique called galvanoplasty (or electrolysis).

As early as the Greek and the Roman Antiquity, objects and jewellery in plated silver can be found, preceding the creation of vermeil. Homer’s The Odyssey mentions techniques of folding and hammering.

With time, silver and gold tend to merge, silver’s paler glints blending with the warmer shine of gold.

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