Medal on chain silver - Castor & Pollux

Medal on chain silver - Castor & Pollux


Medals size: 10 mm - Adjustable length: 39 cm - 41,5 cm

Sterling silver

Weight: 1,7 g

The Castor & Pollux necklace is made from sterling silver plate, cut, hammered, shaped.

Bactericidal and germicidal, silver is a natural antibiotic used since High Antiquity as a remedy and a preservation agent.

The Macedonians used to apply it to their wounds. Hippocrates prescribed it to heal open wounds. The Egyptians and the Romans put some in water or food recipients in order to slow down bacterial proliferation.

Non-allergenic by nature, silver is precious metal, with time acquire a harmonious patina.

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Castor & Pollux

Sparkling or consistent, pale or dazzling : just like the stars, brightness is never the same.

The twins lending their name to the Gemini constellation, Castor with a white glow and Pollux with a yellow-orange hue are two of the brightest stars in the sky.