Medal earrings vermeil - Castor & Pollux

Medal earrings vermeil - Castor & Pollux


Medals size: 10 mm

Vermeil - Gold

Weight: 0,8 g

The Castor & Pollux earrings are made from sterling silver wires and plates, cut, hammered, shaped. Then is applied a 5 microns layer of gold, using a technique called galvanoplasty (or electrolysis).

As early as the Greek and the Roman Antiquity, objects and jewellery in plated silver can be found, preceding the creation of vermeil. Homer’s The Odyssey mentions techniques of folding and hammering.

With time, silver and gold tend to merge, silver’s paler glints blending with the warmer shine of gold.

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Castor & Pollux

Sparkling or consistent, pale or dazzling : just like the stars, brightness is never the same.

The twins lending their name to the Gemini constellation, Castor with a white glow and Pollux with a yellow-orange hue are two of the brightest stars in the sky.