Geometric cuff gold - Levant

Geometric cuff gold - Levant


Height: 2,5 cm Adjustable size: 16 cm

Vermeil - Gold & Sterling silver

Weight: 25 g

Cut, hammered, shaped and laminated the Levant cuff is made from sterling silver plates. A balanced gesture is the secret of expertise. The result depends on the hammering, its rhythm and intensity whilst imprinting the metal in a unique fashion.

It is all about adjusting the gesture, giving the jewel its shape, its imprint and its bearing, whilst maintaining its malleability so as to obtain adjustable pieces which fit the body.

Then is applied a minimum 5 microns thick 750‰ gold layer, using a technique called galvanoplasty (or electrolysis). 

Silver and gold tend to merge, as the paler silvery glints, with time, mix with the warmer sheen of gold and gain a harmonious patina.

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The first rays of sun appear, light beams dissipating the stars, premises of dawn.