Fine bangle silver - Josef Hoffmann

Fine bangle silver - Josef Hoffmann


Wire diameter: 1,5 mm - adjustable size: 16-18 cm -

Sterling silver

Weight: 3,8 g

The Hoffmann bracelet is shaped from sterling silver wire. est façonnée à partir de fils d’argent massif. A balanced gesture is the secret of expertise. 

This technique also maintains the metal’s suppleness. Heated to a certain degree, the silver softens then hardens again under the hammer blows.

It is all about adjusting the gesture, giving the jewel its shape, its imprint and its bearing, whilst maintaining its malleability so as to obtain adjustable pieces which fit the body.

Non-allergenic by nature, silver is precious metal, with time acquire a harmonious patina.

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Lines inspired by the metal work of Josef Hoffmann, with straight and pure abstract forms, in the spirit of cubism. Evocation of his designs, which ally functionality and simplicity to refined production details.