Choker eye pattern vermeil labradorite - Iris

Choker eye pattern vermeil labradorite - Iris


Stones size: 1 cm Adjustable length: 40 cm – 42,5 cm

Vermeil - Labradorit - Gold

Weight: 3,7 g

The Iris necklace is made from sterling silver wire, cut, hammered, shaped. Upon which is applied a 5 microns layer of gold, using a technique called galvanoplasty (or electrolysis).

As early as the Greek and the Roman Antiquity, objects and jewellery in plated silver can be found, preceding the creation of vermeil. Homer’s The Odyssey mentions techniques of folding and hammering.

With time, silver and gold tend to merge, silver’s paler glints blending with the warmer shine of gold.

The labradorite is a natural, iridescent grey stone.

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The third eye, the eye of Horus, « seat of the soul » according to Descartes, the pineal gland plays an essential role in the neurological activity which regulates sleep, dreams and dream imagery.

Source of neurotransmitters altering conscience, it is implicated in the creation of dream states, known as activated sleep. It emits signals inducing sleep, awakening and action. These messages are intimately linked to our « moods » and our way of apprehending the woken world.