Brooch geometric pattern vermeil - Sommet

Brooch geometric pattern vermeil - Sommet


Length: 7 cm Width: 2 cm

Vermeil - Gold

Weight: 2 g

Cut, hammered, shaped and laminated the Sommet brooch is made from sterling silver wire and plates. A balanced gesture is the secret of savoir-faire. The result depends on the hammering, its rhythm and intensity whilst imprinting the metal in a unique fashion.

Then is applied a minimum 5 microns thick 750‰ gold layer, using a technique called galvanoplasty (or electrolysis). 

Silver and gold tend to merge, as the paler silvery glints, with time, mix with the warmer sheen of gold and gain a harmonious patina.

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The steep relief and the irregular rhythm of these crests have been transformed into a simple and geometric line, when the stone turns into rough metal.