Brooch geometric pattern silver - Sommet

Brooch geometric pattern silver - Sommet


Length: 7 cm Width: 2 cm

Sterling silver

Weight: 2 g

Cut, hammered, shaped and laminated the Sommet brooch is made from sterling silver wire and plates. A balanced gesture is the secret of savoir-faire. The result depends on the hammering, its rhythm and intensity whilst imprinting the metal in a unique fashion.

Silver, too soft and malleable to be used in its purest form, mixed with other metals such as copper, to increase its rigidity and its bearing. Silver 925, or 1st title, is an alloy containing at least 92,5 % pure silver. 

Non-allergenic by nature, silver is precious metal, with time acquire a harmonious patina.

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The steep relief and the irregular rhythm of these crests have been transformed into a simple and geometric line, when the stone turns into rough metal.